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UmbrellaDuck.net - Entertainment so addictive it is like Quack!


Corporate Background: Mantisoft has established a reputation of providing high-quality Internet and Computer based solutions to businesses and individuals seeking solutions to a wide variety of needs. While most web oriented companies market "99.9%" satisfaction standards, Mantisoft continually delivers in excess of this requirement.

Your web site expands: As your web site expands, you may desire more 'frills' - extra databases, Flash enhancement, more programming, modules additions - and we believe that you'll be sufficiently impressed with Mantisoft to continue your growth with us.

Our Community: Our success stems from exemplary support, backed by a daily presence on Mantisoft Sites. At Mantisoft, we interact with clients every day - it's a great place to learn, explore, gain support and develop trust. With trust in Mantisoft came success, because there's nothing more powerful than word of mouth advertising in web oriented projects!

So how do we start: Simply go to the request form, fill in your details, write down your vision and needs and let Mantisoft experts do the rest for you.

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